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How Much Does It Cost?

We believe in fair pricing for much needed services like our reservation software which can take you company into the now of reservations. We can offer you the ability to allow online bookings right from your website. We've mastered the complicated things so you can enjoy the benefits.


Our system software license is free. We charge a $300 refundable deposit in order to set up your tailored version for your equipment and business. We charge a 2% online booking fee that we recommend you pass along to your customer. If you would like our text message notification service to notify your customers (individually or by entire manifest), we charge an additional 1% booking fee. We also have a gateway that works with most credit card processors. It's and the fees for this service are $25 per month, $.30 per batch, and $.25 per transaction. This allows you to keep your processor and allow payments through our system online. 

If you have any other questions about our pricing please reach out via LiveChat (you should see the message box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen).