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How To: Add a Payment Type

If a user is needing to add a payment type for their RS system follow the steps below.

Log into your RS account, select settings > system setup > configurations. Once here go to payment types:


Once in this section a user can remove a payment type completely from their RS system, inactivate it temporarly, set a default payment type or set a certain payment method to a "Defered payment" type:

Deferred Payment will make it so the order is "paid" by this deferred payment type. It also pays the whole of the order. If you'd like to customize the amounts on your payment type then please do not use deferred checkbox.


If a user is needing to add a new payment type, scroll to the top of the page and in the top right hand side there will be a "Add New Payment Type" button. Click this and a new blank payment type box will appear on top.


Then fill out the blank form and select Save at the bottom of the page and your new payment type is ready for use.