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How Monthly Booking Fee Invoices Are Calculated

If you're a user of the RS system you receive a monthly invoice for a percentage of the Booking Fees collected for the previous month. This article will break down that process for better understanding of how this percentage is calculated. 

The percentage calculated is agreed upon in your Agreement/Contract with RS.

If your agreement percentage is based off RS Booking Fees the following steps would apply:

  1. Log into the RS system and go to Reports. 
  2. Select the dates from the beginning of the last month to the end of the last month. Example June 1 - June 30. 
  3. Then in the Agents field, use the drop down and select Online Booking Portal.
  4. Select Generate to have the Report generate and show up at the bottom of the form. 
  5. Select View to open up the Report. 
  6. Once the Report is open, focus on the Surcharge column. If the surcharge percent is the same as your Agreement/Contract percentage then scroll down to the Revenue section. 

              a. Find the Booking Fee Collection section and this is where your monthly invoicing is pulling from. 

7.If the Surcharge percent is different then your Agreement/Contract percentage follow the below steps.

              a. Take the Booking Fee Collected amount in the Revenue section and divide it by the surcharge percent on the Report. 

             b. Then take that amount and mutiply it by the percent in your Agreement/Contract.

            c. This final number will be the amount that will show on your Monthly Invoice.