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A Detailed Guide To Promo Codes

The following are descriptions of the promo codes settings. This is a break down of what each setting does.

Amount - how much you'd like the amount of the promo code to be.  

Unit - whether you'd like this to be a percentage or dollar amount. 

Type - either be whole cart or every cart item. In
other words, do you want this to apply to the whole order in total and or every
cart item individually. A quick note on every cart item; every cart item is NOT
tickets. It's the individual added "trips" to the cart. If you add 4
tickets for the same thing at the same date and time, it will apply this to the
total of the 4 tickets, not every ticket individually. I would recommend
percentage off total, instead, if looking for per ticket discount. 

Min. price - minimum price in order for promo to apply. (set to 0 if you don't have one) 

Product - choose the product or trip you'd like the promo to apply to 

Tickets - you can select all or only select the ticket type you'd like the promo to apply to 

Schedules - the time frame for the promo to apply to ( you can select more than one if you want to exclude a specific time of day) 

Cut off (days) - if you'd like the limit the promo code to so many day's ahead of time 

Arrival from and to - promo will be able to be used on these dates 

Blackouts - day's you do NOT want the promo to apply to  

Promo from and to - date's you would like to run the promo 

Uses - how many times would you like for the promo to be used. (use 9999 if you don't want to limit it's uses)